Terms and Conditions

Welcome to Orinoco Designs Custom Knit Fabrics​.

If you are unfamiliar with how custom knit groups and Pre­ orders work, let me run through it with you. (This is how I do it anyway.)

Orinoco Designs is a custom knit fabric Pre ­ order business. We source and design fantastic prints and have them digitally printed on Cotton lycra for you to buy and enjoy! We sell via both pre ­ orders and Retail.

Pre­ orders mean that we take orders before the fabrics has been printed which ensure that we have enough sales to make the print run, and ensures everyone that wants some gets some. it it also means that we do not over order. So a 'round' stays open for a set amount of time ( Usually two weeks) . prints in the current 'round' will be available to order under the Pre ­order tab, for as long as the round is open. Once the round is closed, The designs are sent off to be printed. This can take from 6-12 weeks depending on many different variables, but updates will be provided along the way.

Once I receive the printed fabrics, I will cut the orders and send them off as soon as I can. Any additional yardage ordered and available will then be added to the retail section of the website for purchase.

T's and C's

 Pre order Prices: 

Cotton Lycra $28/m 

French Terry $30/m

Rayon Spandex $28/m

Swim Spandex $26/m

Peach Skin $25/m


Retail Prices:

Cotton Lycra $30/m 

French Terry $32/m

Rayon Spandex $30/m

Swim Spandex $28/m

Peach Skin $27

Sold in ½ metre increments. Any orders longer than 1 metre will be cut in a continuous length. 


I do offer a Layby payment plan over 6 weeks. Please click the Layby Tab for details

Time Frames

It can take anywhere from 6 to 12 weeks for an order to be shipped. There are many variables out of our control that can affect delivery times. Including Chinese holidays, Customs delays, Weather. Or a back log with the printers. There are also times where an error or flaw occurs with a print and is only discovered once it arrives here. In these cases the fabrics will be reprinted with unavoidable delays to that print. Flawed fabrics will be offered at a discount.

Fabric content​:

COTTON LYCRA: 95/5% Cotton Lycra

Weight 220 gsm weight

Width: 150cm (59") Selvedge to selvedge.

FRENCH TERRY: 95/5% Cotton Lycra

Weight: 260gsm

Width: 145-150cm 

RAYON SPANDEX 95/5% Rayon Spandex


Width: 150cm 

SWIM SPANDEX: 80-85% polyester 15-20% lycra

Weight: 240GSM

Width: 145-152cm 

Digitally printed.

PEACH SKIN: 100%Polyester Woven 

Weight: 110-125gsm

Width: 57:/58"

Digitally Printed

Pre­orders can take up to 12 weeks to arrive. Please consider this when making your purchase.


Prints are sourced and licensed paid to print, from Photo Stock websites, or designed by myself or other artists using clip art etc. I have no intention of copying or reproducing someone else’s design or running a stock image that has been run in recent times again. I try to keep up with what others are doing to make sure I am not stepping on anyone’s toes, however I cannot possibly know what everyone is doing and any double ups are purely coincidental. In this case I may pull a design and replace it with something else. New takes on current trends and fads are not considered copying.

Flaws and imperfections.

Imperfections close to the Selvedge are common and not considered a flaw and should be accepted as part of the printing process. ­ (up to 3 inches from edge) Small pin head flecks are also common. I will endeavour to give you flawless fabrics however small flaws less than a 5c coin (A dime) will not be refunded. Flaws larger than this will be sold discounted as flawed /damaged. My aim is to provide you with high quality, flawless fabrics, If you do receive fabrics with a printing flaw, Please contact me and I will organise a replacement.

Heathering is a common occurrence in Digital Printing also and is considered acceptable. Heathering is an even colouring usually in the base colour that produces faint lines and Heathering through out the fabric. While I do try to not have this occur, it does happen in digital printing. 

Shrinkage: Knit fabric has a tendency to shrink of the bolt after a time. I try and cut slightly over length to combat this.

 Design flaws. If by chance there is a flaw in either design or printing error across the whole design, the fabrics will need to be reprinted so please be aware of the extended time frames in the case of a reprint.


Refunds will only be issued where there is a serious design or printing flaw not on the selvedge. Fabric must be returned within 7 days of receiving it in as new condition. Please contact me to discuss.

 Please do not copy or redistribute designs, unless watermarked.