Aussie Florals

Navy and Mustard

Coordinating spots and grid

Earthy tones

Aussie Flora and Fauna



3 colourways

Aussie Prints Pre Order and Fundraiser

 The Aussie Prints pre order opening on Saturday 22nd of August is more than just a chance to order these delicious Aussie prints. It is also a fundraiser to raise much needed help for someone in need. If you know anyone who has been affected by the bush fires and needs a helping hand, please let us know by nominating them. I would love to help someone in our Australian sewing community by replacing sewing equipment they may have  lost in the fires. But it doesn't have to be. It can be anyone. Please nominate someone you know and 50% of the profits from this round will go towards getting them back on their feet. 

To nominate, head to our Face book page and find the

nomination form pinned to the top of the page. 

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